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  • Who can do CrossFit?
    CrossFit is very accessible and is infinitely scalable. "Our understanding is that the needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree, not kind" Greg Glassman (founder of CrossFit) told CNBC. We invite young and old, man and woman to partipate in physical activity and more specifically CrossFit and the CrossFit community. There is no need to do anything before starting CrossFit. We will help you learn the movements and guide you safely through your fitness journey.
  • What should I wear to my Introductory Session?
    Wear comfortable workout clothes and shoes – shorts, T-shirt and shoes. Please don’t invest in buying new shoes before you come. After you have tried CrossFit for a while you may decide you need a different shoe than you have trained in before.
  • What happens during the Introductory Session?
    During the introductory session you will be given a brief overview of ‘What is CrossFit?”. You will be taken on a tour of our facility and shown where everything is. After that, the coach will take you through a warm up and introduce you to the foundational movements we use in CrossFit. Toward the end of the class you will be briefed on a workout and will get a chance to get a good sweat on before a stretch at the end.
  • How many Introductory Sessions will I need to do?
    We recommend you attend 2 introductory sessions prior to joining the main classes to help you become familiar with the many movements used in our workouts as well as to develop an awareness of some of the terminology commonly used in the classes. The Introductory Sessions price covers the cost for up to two introductory sessions and if you decide to join this is deducted off the first monthly membership amount. In some instances people have shown readiness to join the class following one Introductory Session.
  • What happens when I finish my Introductory Sessions?
    Once the Introductory Sessions are completed you are welcome to attend any of the main classes. A coach will assess your progress and may recommend the main class after one Introductory Session. Once you join the main classes you will be assisted by a coach to help with scaling and modifying the workouts to ensure they meet your ability and fitness levels.
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