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Friday 6th August 2021


5 x 3-minute rounds for reps of:

200m Run

30 Sit-ups

Max reps of HSPU in the remaining time

Running substitute: 1-minute of Mountain Climbers


Strict HSPU

Scale HSPU to Inverted Pike HSPU or Push Press (use a barbell, DB, or any weight)


20 Sit-ups | Push-ups


Tabata hollow rocks

8 Rounds of:

20sec On

10sec Rest

Warm Up

Jog 100m

Calf stretch x 30 sec/side

Calf pumps x 30

Bend and bow x 10

Windmills x 10

Bear crawl forward and backward

Jog 100m

Push up plus x 5

Inchworm push up x 5

Tuck crunch x 5

Pike HSPU x 5

Jog 100m


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