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Monday 11th January 2021

LOCKDOWN WOD - Don’t forget your mask if you’re doing this away from your home. The mask makes this WOD even more “cardio is hardio”

5 x AMRAP in 2 min, Rest 1 min between rounds

6 Burpees

6 Log Jumps * (see video on FB page)

6 V Ups/Tuck Crunches

Find a log in a park or use whatever you may have that is similar. To upscale you can take your hands off and jump the log. Either way, please make sure your calves are warm. Hit each AMRAP with high intensity. You will only be working for 2 min before you’ll get a rest. Transition between the movements quickly with minimal rest between movements.

* These logs are at Cnr Boree Street & Eleventh Ave Kedron.

There are also some AT Oxenham Park on Melton Road in Nundah.

I’m sure there are lots more around, but these are a couple of spots.

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