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Month to Month Membership $238 per month

(specialty classes available with no extra charge)

We are following the 

Covid Safe Plan for the Fitness Industry

Please book in to each class using the MindBody App

to reserve your spot

(new members can book without having signed up)

Session Pass

(10 visits)



Valid for 2 months only

Casual drop in rate

(for experienced CrossFitters)


$28 per visit

All memberships include access to air conditioned full kitchen and eating area, complimentary Nespresso coffee and selection of teas, showers, bathrooms, and access to our full range of

Again Faster gear. 

All memberships include access to our full range of

Again Faster gear. CrossFit Sana is the testing ground for new products and our members will be able to provide feedback about design.

Long-term Memberships

CrossFit Only  

6 months (10% discount off regular monthly amount)



12 months (20% discount off regular monthly amount)


Unlimited Memberships can also be paid as 6 months or 12 months

Service Personnel/ Students & Other*


Monthly Membership



* Monthly memberships are paid by the month or week via direct debit. Memberships may be cancelled at any time prior to the next month’s deduction being processed. No partial month refunds. All membership options must be paid in advance (Direct debit, Visa or Mastercard). Please note that payments are made via Ezidebit who charge 0.88 cents for bank account direct debits and 2.05% + 0.55 cents for Visa/Mastercard transactions (These fees will be added to your transaction). In the instance there is a dishonour, Ezidebit charge a fee (currently $14.80, subject to change without notice). Ezidebit reserves the right to change this charge without notice. Session Passes expire 2 months from date of purchase.

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