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Saturday 9/1/21


AMRAP in 12 min

5 Push Ups (scale to elevated push ups, use a bench or garden rock wall etc, or go to knees)

10 Jumping lunges (scale by removing the jump)

15 sec handstand hold (Wall facing if you can) (Scale handstand hold to plank hold)

Ideally you will get around 12 rounds for this WOD. Move fast on the jumping lunges, try not to break them. Recover on the handstand hold and push ups. Be active in both the handstand hold and push ups. In your handstand hold, push up through your shoulders and make sure you come down under control. If you’re scaling to a half height climb, make sure you maintain a hollow body position. Tuck your chin and hips under.

Second WOD for the day

Run 1km

Rest 5 min

Run 1km


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