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Monday 1st June 2020

AMRAP in 8 min: 15 Box Step Ups 20/14lb 15 Med Ball Squat Cleans 20/14lb 15 Russian Twists 20/14lb 2 times through: Side Plank 30 sec Plank 30 sec Side Plank 30 sec Mountain Climbers 30 sec Rest 30 sec

Saturday 30th May 2020

For Time: 15-12-9-6-3 Hang Power Clean 60/42.5kg Front Squat 60/42.5kg Inverted Pike Push UP

Friday 29th May 2020

3 rounds for max reps, 1 min on each station, 1 min rest between rounds: Kettlebell Swings 24/16kg Wall Ball Toss 20/14lb Kettlebell Snatch 24/16kg Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift High Pull Row or Ride Calories Rest

Thursday 28th May 2020

3 Rounds for time: 40 Single Arm Dumbbell Step Back Lunges 22.5/15kg 30 Single Arm Alternating Dumbbell Snatch 22.5/15kg 20 Burpees

Wednesday 27th May 2020

Spend about 10 min to work up to a heavy OHS x 8 (snatched from the floor) AMRAP in 10 min: 10 Overhead Squat 42.5/30kg 20 Sit ups 30 Double Unders

Tuesday 26th May 2020

AMRAP in 12 min: 200m Run 5 Ball Slams 15/12kg 10 Push Press 42.5/30kg 15 Deadlift 42.5/30kg

Monday 25th May 2020

WOD 2 rounds of 3 x 30 sec on, 30 seconds off on each: Pull Ups/Ring Rows Mountain Climbers Thrusters 42.5/30kg * 1 min rest between movements

Saturday 23rd May 2020

As a triplet complete the following, breaking it up anyway you like (everyone will have their own equipment but will tally reps together): For Time: 100 Jumping lunges (add weight) 80 Tuck crunches 60 Reverse Burpees 40 Squat Snatch 50/35kg 20m Bear Crawl (one at a time)

Thursday 21st May 2020

AMRAP in 12 min: 50-40-30-20-10 Double Unders 25-20-15-10-5 Kettlebell Swings Ball Slams Tabata Kettlebell side crunches L Kettlebell side crunches R Kettlebell side crunches L Kettlebell side crunches R Toes to KB Toes to KB Toes to KB Toes to KB

Tuesday 19th May 2020

Spend 10 min working on Power Clean and Push Jerk Touch ‘n’ Go reps x 5 - this should not be overly heavy (this is technique work and learning how to cycle a barbell again) 10 x 1 min rounds, 1 min between rounds: 25 Air Squats Max Clean and Jerk in time remaining 50/35kg

Monday 18th May 2020

3 rounds for time of: 10 Deadlifts 60/42.5 kg 20 Lateral Bar Hop Overs 10 Alternating Front Rack Reverse Lunges 60/42.5 kg 400 m Run

Saturday 16th May 2020

We are so excited about seeing everyone again at our Outdoor Training Sessions. Please book into a session using the MindBody App. We are limited to 9 participants per session, so bookings are essential. Please bring a towel. Saturday Sessions 6:30-7:15am, 7:30-8:15am, 8:30-9:15am WOD Every 2:30 for 6 rounds Each round for time: 9/7 Row Calories or Assault Bike 7/5 Calories 20 Push Press 20/15 kg 10 Front Squats, 20/15 kg

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